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Tenants Guide

Renting a property is a very flexible way of living, especially if you do not want the greater commitment of buying your own home. You may be transferring to a different area because of your job, wish to try out a new area before buying or simply move out of your own home while it is being refurbished. We have a detailed knowledge of our area, so if you need information (for example, about schools or commuting) we are here to help!

Whether you are looking for a large family house in the country, a convenient city apartment or a country cottage, we have a wide range of properties we can show you and will guide you through the ins and outs of renting a property.

The Process

Once you have found a property that you have viewed and would like to rent:

  • To reserve a property, each tenant over 18 years of age must complete the application form we give you (or you can download the form from this website). Download our Guarantor Application, Full Reference and Credit Check documents.
  • Return the form to us together with the administration fee of £150 plus VAT for a single applicant and £50 plus VAT for each additional applicant and proof of names and addresses for all applicants. For proof of name we require a current full passport or current UK photo driving licence. For proof of address we require your most recent bank statement, mortgage statement, utility bill or Council Tax bill.
  • We will only accept and process one application per property at a time and the property will not be let to another applicant while the referencing process is being conducted. However, we will continue to advertise and show the property to other prospective tenants.
  • Once the referencing process is complete, we will contact you to confirm a move-in date and advise you of the total amount required in cleared funds (i.e. first month's rent, deposit and inventory fee) before we can release the keys.
  • We will draw up the Tenancy Agreement and forward a copy to you for signature. This document must be signed and returned to us before release of the keys.
  • We will ensure that all necessary safety checks to gas and electrical appliances have been completed before you move in. We also read meters at the start of the tenancy and change the utility and Council Tax bills into your name. The telephone and TV licence are your responsibility.
  • You must ensure that you take out home contents insurance for the property whilst you are residing at the property. Such insurance must cover damage to the Landlord's/Owner's carpets and replacement locks.
  • You must provide us with a contact telephone number after you have moved into the property to enable us to contact you at any reasonable time.
  • If the property is to be managed by your Landlord, we will give you the Landlord's contact details.