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First impressions count!

First impressions count!

You never get a second chance to make a first impression and it is therefore crucial you prepare and “dress” your home for sale. First impressions really do count. Look at the exterior of your home and compare it with your neighbours’ properties. If you do this and it makes you feel slightly mortified, it is likely that you have already failed to impress your potential buyers. It is often suggested sellers depersonalise as your buyers do not want to see the lovely life you have made for yourself in your beautiful home. They want to imagine the lovely life they could make for themselves in the potential new home. Don’t allow anything to clutter that vision. Speaking of clutter, de-clutter and spring clean. Control your pets and leave your agent to do the viewings. It is off-putting for buyers to have sellers hovering when they are endeavouring to have a relaxed look around your home. Meet them when they view for the second time. Anything that can be done to improve the kerbside appeal of your home and “dress” the inside will be of great benefit in finding a purchaser for your home.


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