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What has been happening in the property market?

What has been happening in the property market?

All in all, 2013 was a better year than 2012 and there are signs that the property market is cranking into action making 2014 a good time to sell. In 2013 there were regional and local variations with property prices in London increasing by more than 10% but falling by 1.6% in the North East which indicates a patchy market during the year. House sales however were much stronger in 2013 with the Land Registry figures showing an increase in completed house sales of 24% during September 2013 compared to September 2012. The housing market has picked up strongly throughout the year and indications point to this pattern continuing in 2014. Property prices in the US rose by 13.6% in 2013 and the UK invariably follows their economic trends. It is estimated that one third of people who are currently renting are intending to buy in 2014 and first time buyers are anxious to get on to the first rung of the housing ladder. All-in-all there are five year highs in confidence and lending and what Mark Carney has referred to as the “lifting of uncertainty” has been a key driver in unlocking pent-up demand. Make your move in 2014 by contacting Clive Gregory on 01722 424524 or


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