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Farmer Tight and Farmer Proper are neighbouring farmers and every year at the village winter fair they meet for a drink and chat.

After several beers Farmer Tight is feeling smug after his neighbour told him he has just spent several thousand on his new agents invoice.

Mr Tight says “I don’t need an agent! It’s easy to do their work you could buy a bull for that money. What did he do for you then?”

Mr Proper replies “EVERYTHING! He’s a great chap, he did my subsidy claim, sorted the tenancies out, the grazing licenses for the meadows and all the planning on the old buildings. If I pick up the phone he will always try and help”.

A year goes by and the village fair comes round and Farmer Tight and Farmer Proper find themselves in the beer tent once more.

This time Farmer Proper is the smug one with Farmer Tight looking rather sheepish. “The Rural Payments Agency inspected me and found mistakes with my claim and deducted me 10% and on top of that the man in the next village who rents my building for cash won’t vacate it and the council have told me I’m breaching planning on the same building! Oh and to make things worse the chap who keeps his sheep on my paddocks I was going to sell is now claiming an historic agricultural tenancy so I can’t get him off and its reduced the value dramatically so I can’t pay the tax bill I’ve been hit with”

Feeling very smug Farmer Proper puts his hand in his pocket and passes Farmer Tight a card and he asks “who’s this?” Mr Proper replies “My agent Mr Professional, he might not seem so expensive now give him a call, he will even make you a free cup of tea” .

If this sounds familiar or you would like a chat give Christopher Powell from the Farm & Rural team in Marlborough a call for a no obligation chat on 01672 515252.

Christopher Powell
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Christopher Powell

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