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Boxing Day Searches

Boxing Day Searches

Woolley & Wallis is amongst the many agents that have noticed that there is a very relevant upsurge in property searches at Christmas time, especially on Boxing Day.  Rightmove have noted that last year approximately 14 million page views were recorded.  Even more interestingly this increased again on Boxing Day with upward of 25 million views and peaking on New Year’s Day at 38 million views.

Historically, the Christmas period would get quieter and most vendors would remove their properties from the market for a number of reasons, not least of all due to the inconvenience of viewings during the festive period.  However, in this technological age it is becoming more and more popular to keep your property on the market and make the most of the extra viewings that could result in viewings between Christmas and New Year.

Why is this trend taking place and why is it becoming such a useful marketing tool for agents?  There is a lot of speculation as to why people choose to take time out from relaxing with family and eating food to search for property online but we believe it is due mainly to two reasons.

•    Christmas is a time when families come together and it can be apparent for some that they may need to downsize from their current property, move nearer their children and grandchildren or even upsize to fit more of the family in as they grow.

•    Christmas is a time when families and couples have a lot more free time to discuss whether it is time to buy or sell, everyone has more free time to do research into their local area and check house prices before arranging a market appraisal, or check out house prices in the area they are looking to buy.  On top of this it is a lot easier to access all this information now with most families having access to smart phones and tablets.  Rightmove reported that there were over 25,000 downloads of the Rightmove app between Christmas Eve and Boxing Day.

With technology being just at our finger tips, having all the family in the same place and more free time to discuss the big things it is becoming more important to display your property at this time of year and make the most of the influx of online viewers.

Barnaby Gower
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Barnaby Gower


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