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A Successful Seminar - Maximising the Value of Agricultural Property

A Successful Seminar - Maximising the Value of Agricultural Property

Richard Nocton, Partner with land agents Woolley & Wallis, spoke to a packed audience of over 200 farmers and landowners at Wellington Barn, Calne on Wednesday 20th April 2016.
He looked at how best to maximise the value of agricultural property and what can be done in the current climate of low profits and commodity prices to counter-act their effect.

Richard spoke about the changes being seen in the marketing of agricultural land and how there is an active market for land to be traded “off market” and not publically published. He was of the opinion that the values would remain strong for the best quality arable land and for commercially sized farms, currently top quality arable land values range between £12,000 - £15,000 per acre. He was of the view that smaller parcels of lower quality land would see values fall back over the next 2 years, down from £8 - £9,000 per acre to £5,000 - £6,000 per acre.

He went on to explore how the benefit of planning consent can increase the capital value of property as well as help to bring in additional income. Planning consent for the erection of agricultural barns and stables can significantly improve the value of property and he used an example where Woolley & Wallis had helped a client increase the value of his property by about £100,000 due to obtaining the right planning permissions.

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Richard Nocton


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