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The View from Above

The View from Above

The online market place has become the commonplace with the rise of RightMove, OnTheMarket, Zoopla et al and house buyers can find themselves confronted by a vast shortlist of properties when conducting an online search. The immediacy of the online medium and high levels of choice means that Vendors and their agents alike should continually be seeking ways of ensuring their property stands out from the crowd of online entries and is presented in a manner that perhaps has not been seen before.

One way of succeeding in this ambition is by employing a drone camera – or Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) to give their official title - to provide aerial photography and videography, which can give a birds-eye view of the house and setting. Of course, aerial imagery will not always be appropriate or necessary, but when it is it allows an online viewer to gain a clearer understanding of the property and better place it in the context of its surroundings.

There are a number of ways that drone imagery can enhance your property and with it better improve prospects of a sale.

Multi-angle Views

Not all prospective buyers will have the patience to scroll through pages of photographs! A short 360 degree video will reveal more and say more about a property than innumerable ground based photographs and will allow you to show not only the residence but also a snapshot of the gardens, approach, setting or any other aspect of the property worth displaying. Viewers will also gain a better understanding of the ‘whole’ picture; for instance, how the house is positioned in relation to certain outbuildings/garaging, which can be difficult to gauge from individual photographs.

Stand Out From The Crowd

The majority of agents will still employ ground based photography only and, as referenced above, in many cases this is all that suffices. When utilised appropriately, however, aerial imagery stands out from the numerous listings that inevitably confront a buyer when they input their search criteria into a web-site. The property image will naturally be different from those around it on screen and may be enough to whet a potential buyer’s appetite and encourage them to make contact with the selling agent.

Multi-Platform Marketing

Choosing an agent that can provide a video of your property means you can further open the door to embrace other forms of online marketing, increasing your level of digital exposure beyond that of property portals and the agent’s own web-site. A video can be uploaded onto YouTube or Facebook, for example, especially if your agent operates a Facebook account, and other digital marketing platforms are becoming increasingly utilised by media-savvy buyers.

House Proud

A Vendor’s sense of pride in their property will often not only extend to the interior but also to all things external. Demonstrating the quality and standard of care devoted to the exterior of a property and garden will help to create the correct first impression of a way of life with a well loved and cared for home at its heart. Aerial imagery can fully showcase this, again in ways in which standard photography by its nature cannot and may be the difference between securing a viewing and not.
In line with Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) guidelines, Woolley & Wallis has been able to offer aerial imagery to their clients since 2015 and can cite a number of examples where it has positively benefitted marketing and resulted in a successful sale. If you are considering selling your property and think that aerial imagery is one way in which Woolley & Wallis can benefit your sales process then please contact your local office.

Tom Fuller
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Tom Fuller


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