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The must do's when considering buying an older home

The must do's when considering buying an older home

If like many, you crave charm and character in your next property purchase, then viewing older homes will definitely be on your agenda. New builds today focus on efficiency and cost-effectiveness, low maintenance smaller gardens take less time and energy to care for and builder’s warrantees give you peace of mind. However, where is the quirkiness, where is the personality, features and warmth that you so desire?

So you’ve decided on a period property, a property with age on its side, you’ve fallen in love with the exposed beams, wood burners, high skirting boards and ornate architrave. The gardens are mature, private and manicured.

There are many beautifully older homes in amazing condition across Hampshire and Wiltshire. However step back and make sure that ample time is taken to assess the property at hand before making an offer and booking your survey. With older homes comes older technology. Wiring, plumbing and foundations are all important considerations that could lead to expensive bills if not up to scratch.

So prior to booking a survey and going full steam ahead book a second or third viewing and ask your selling agent for ample time so you can inspect the details.
Take a close look at:
+ Windows and doors, check that they open and close properly, if they don’t, the home may over time be degrading structurally.
+ Make a self-assessment of the roof condition, is it straight or does it dip in places, are there any missing tiles to look out for.
+ Check for discolouration on the walls and any signs of damp.
+ Ask questions about rights of ways, whether the property has been listed or subject to any local council polices.
+ Ask to flush the toilet or run some taps to gauge the plumbing.
+ Look for obvious signs of structural issues such as rotten floorboards or large cracks in the walls.

If all appears sound then book a full structural survey and have a professional surveyor give you an impartial view on the property. The cost will most definitely outweigh a problematic house.        

Marcus Gould
Written by

Marcus Gould

Residential Romsey

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