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Ploughing Match is a success

Ploughing Match is a success

On Saturday 24th September 2016 the Avebury and District Ploughing Association held their annual ploughing match at West Nolands Farm at Yatesbury near Calne, Wiltshire. Woolley & Wallis were one of the sponsors and are proud to support one of the oldest ploughing associations in the country.
The day was sunny, dry and blowy and  an excellent turnout of all shapes, sizes and ages of tractors, ploughs and ploughmen! In addition a good number of spectators and their families came to support the event, a programme was printed with proceeds going to RABI. The results were announced at the Ploughmans supper which is held on the evening of the ploughing match.
There are strict rules which apply to ploughing matches and the Association provided stewards and judges to oversee the event.
A few examples of the rules include
a) ploughing time is not allowed to exceed 2 ˝ hours.
b ) the area to be ploughed should not exceed 1/3 acre and
c) the land to be ploughed in the best workmanlike manner for winter ploughing at a depth of no more than 6 inches maximum.
Richard Nocton, Partner in the Marlborough office said “it is a wonderful sight, with over 50 tractors and ploughs, all working in a field competing  against each other. The ploughing match is an event that we are  pleased to sponsor and it is important to continue with the tradition of preparing the soil for the planting of arable crops in the autumn.”

Richard Nocton
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Richard Nocton


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