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Clay shoot at Widdington Farm

Clay shoot at Widdington Farm

On Tuesday the 13th June Woolley & Wallis Finance Ltd and the Farm & Rural Marlborough team hosted a simulated clay shoot at Widdington Farm, Upavon. 11 local landowners and farmers including Woolley & Wallis clients were invited to attend as guests for a morning of fast paced high driven clays.

The guests were greeted at 9am by Chris Powell from the Marlborough office with coffee and bacon rolls in the shoot lodge, after a quick briefing the guns made their way to the first of 3 drives. The guns were surprised by clays that were  faster and smaller than anticipated and many seasoned shots struggled to hit enough clays, due to the skills and management of Mr Jeremy Horton, who runs the enterprise at Widdington Farm.

After 2 more drives that escalated in difficulty and with the guns having to make emergency purchases of cartridges, the day ended with a buffet lunch in the shoot room.

All the guests left grinning from ear to ear and thanking Woolley & Wallis for a truly enjoyable day. The Marlborough team work closely with local farmers, owners and tenants through Wiltshire and this was an opportunity for everyone to get together in a relaxed environment.

Christopher Powell
Written by

Christopher Powell

Rural Practice Surveyor

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