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Equestrian Buyers Wish List

Equestrian Buyers Wish List

Whether looking for a family home with equestrian facilities for children in the pony club, to full scale professional competition yards there are several factors which will be on all potential purchasers wish lists. At Woolley & Wallis our specialist equestrian team will be able to guide you through and advise you whether looking to buy or sell.

Here are a list of 10 requirements on most wish lists when looking for that perfect equestrian property.

  1. 1. Location
    As the saying goes location, location, location. In the south of England we are lucky to have some of the finest off road riding available. Areas such as the New Forest, Salisbury Plain and Cranborne Chase  allow for miles of uninterrupted riding, where meeting a car is a rare event.

  2. 2. Access
    If you have horses you will normally have a horsebox in which to transport them to competitions, events and lessons. Therefore having a good road network close by is important. If you are competing nationally and regionally you will want to be close to good transport links such as the A30, A303 and M3.

  3. 3. Land
    The type of land and soil type can have a huge impact on manageability and use ability. Those who have owned a property on clay will know that winter turnout can be difficult in wet months and has to be very closely managed, where as those properties on sand or chalk will more often than not be able to turn horses out all year round.

  4. 4. Stabling
    Are there already stables on site? How many are there, what are they built out of and how are they laid out? Stables can be built of a variety of materials most often of timber or concrete block construction. Depending on the size of horse/pony you have will affect the type of stable you are looking for. Tack Rooms, Rug Rooms and Feeds Rooms are also an intrinsic part of a stable block.

  5. 5. Facilities
    These days many purchasers when looking for an equestrian property are not just looking for a stable yard but they are looking for additional equine facilities such as a sand school and horse walker. Mirrors and flood lights are often useful additions and could require planning permission.

  6. 6. Lay-out
    How are the facilities and land laid out? Is the land ring fenced and can you see all the land from the centre? Are the stables close to the house; this could be a positive for a family looking to keep their own horses to keep an eye on them, however a professional yard may prefer for the stables to be set back from the house to allow for privacy.

  7. 7. Services
    Water and electric are crucial for any equestrian property. Does the property have a mains water supply or a private water supply? Are there water troughs in all the fields? During the winter months having electricity to the stables can make life much easier when mucking out early or late in the day.

  8. 8. Local professionals
    Vets, blacksmiths, feed merchants, saddlers make up a large part of any horse owners phone book. Having reliable and good professionals within easy reach is important. If purchasing an equestrian property it is always worth speaking to the vendors and asking for a list of local professionals they would recommend.

  9. 9. Potential
    If the property you are looking at ticks many of the boxes above but doesn’t have all the facilities you require. Is there potential to expand and will planning be required?

  10. 10. Residential dwelling
    Last but not least – do you need somewhere to live yourself? What type of house are you looking for? More often than not the horses come first and the humans second!

This list is only a starting point and there will be many more points on a buyers wish list but all buyer should be aware that no property will tick all the boxes on their list buy just ensure a property ticks the most important boxes to you and these will be different for everyone!

If you require any further advice please do not hesitate to contact Sophie Clotworthy.

Sophie Clotworthy
Written by

Sophie Clotworthy

Farm & Rural Agent

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