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Reinstatement Cost Assessments

A Reinstatement Cost Assessment for building insurance purposes is a calculated estimate of the cost to rebuild a property on the basis of total loss, including situations of substantial damage where complete building demolition and rebuilding would be necessary.

An accurate cost assessment is important to ensure your building asset is insured for the correct amount, avoiding situations of under and over insurance.

If your property is undervalued, insurance payments may not adequately cover the cost of rebuilding. Likewise, if the building is overvalued, your insurance premiums will be higher than they need to be.

We are experienced in preparing Reinstatement Cost Assessments for building insurance purposes on a wide range of property types. Our ability and knowledge allows us to accurately measure and assess the building’s reinstatement cost using current building cost indices and making a detailed assessment of other important factors including, demolition, site clearance, specialist features, site topography and fees – all of which influence rebuilding costs.

Our services are delivered by Chartered Building Surveyors, in accordance with current RICS guidelines. In addition, we can also offer assistance with insurance claims, dealing with loss adjusters and monitoring building insurance reinstatement work.

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