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Landlord & Tenant

The complicated business of the landlord and tenant relationship becomes easier with the aid of Woolley & Wallis' long-established Farm & Rural Department. Our dedicated team offer a bespoke and comprehensive service for both landlords and tenants, combining personal contact with professional efficiency.

We offer advice and support for a wide range of needs specific to the rural and agricultural setting, including preparation of Farm Business Tenancies and grazing licences, rent reviews, tenancy succession applications and schedules of condition.

Where difficulties may arise from an existing agreement, Woolley & Wallis' wealth of experience can broker a resolution to disputes, assist with arbitration and handle end of tenancy claims.

From the outset, our expertise is available to negotiate terms for new lettings, prepare schedules of condition, and locate and select suitable tenants. Woolley & Wallis is on hand to advise throughout the tenancy, even to help locate successive tenants.

Agricultural law is involved, complicated and ever changing. These changes may be either by Statute or by case decisions. We pride ourselves in being up to date, able to explain and put into effect successfully, the context of the legal obligations and rules that apply to the owners and occupiers of rural property.