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Planning & Development

Woolley & Wallis is a multidisciplinary firm of Chartered Surveyors providing professional advice on all planning and development matters relating to residential, commercial and agricultural property.

Our Farm & Rural Department specialises in planning and development matters appropriate to rural areas and is on hand to guide you through the increasingly complex and involved system that is modern Town & Country Planning.

Our dedicated department has an in depth knowledge of National, Regional and Local Planning Policy and extensive experience in planning practice and procedures. Our long established presence means we have developed strong working relationships with numerous planning professionals upon whom we are able to call for expert advice on specialised matters such as architectural and structural design, highways, landscape and ecological impacts. We have also developed good working relationships with Local Planning Authorities with a reputation for well constructed, accurate applications and submissions.

Our department utilises Computer Aided Design (CAD) software enabling it to produce bespoke plans and drawings to accompany applications.

Our comprehensive service can be broadly divided into two distinct areas:

PLANNING - Advice on regulatory controls and policy governing the use and development of land and property including applications for new development and regularisation of existing development.

DEVELOPMENT - The identification and promotion of land for development, the negotiation of conditional sale contracts and option agreements and the sale and purchase of development sites