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Single Payment Scheme

Woolley & Wallis' Farm & Rural Department is well versed in the intricacies of the Single Payment Scheme (SPS) and has been advising farming clients on all aspects of the scheme since its inception in 2005. Our first hand knowledge and experience is invaluable in safeguarding and maximising clients' income and reducing their administrative burden from a constantly evolving scheme.

Every farm is different, and Woolley & Wallis offer a bespoke and individual service to all our farming clients on such matters as:-

  • Audit and completion of annual claim (SP5) forms
  • Entitlement trading
  • Rural Land Register mapping issues
  • Business planning and restructuring
  • Income forecasting and budgeting
  • Cross Compliance requirements (including Soil Protection Reviews)

For a hassle free service, Woolley & Wallis is able to act as your Authorised Agent with the Rural Payment Agency (RPA). We then receive all paperwork, forms and correspondence on your behalf and are the first point of contact with the RPA should a query arise with your claim.

At the other extreme, our involvement with your Single Payment could be as little as auditing your claim form, preparing plans for dividing field parcels, or simply being on hand to provide straight answers to your queries.