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Rural Planning

Rural Planning

Is the site appropriate for 3 new houses? Will it spoil or adversely affect the adjoining property, especially if that is the farmhouse or farmyard? Is the access suitable? How do services supply the buildings? What are the taxation consequences? Also I am not sure why certain areas are excluded from the policy eg National Parks as they could benefit as much as anywhere else. Personally, I will wait with interest to see how Local Planning Authorities react. Sadly they have not in the past shown much vision as to how dwellings in the countryside or on farms can be a model of good development that will stand the test of time. If they restrict the appearance of conversions and ignore the fact that the result is a dwelling – not a converted barn – then may be the result will be a credit to all concerned – the owner, the architect, the builder and yes, the Planner. I am also not sure if clear span buildings will be included in this initiative. Within their structural frames they are easy to convert and with their openness, the opportunity to make them something special – with height, space, insulation and outlook – is there for the taking. But, I hope again, a positive attitude will be taken to achieve the result. They are after all, a tradition of the modern farm, as the Tithe Barn was to a farm two hundred years ago. Rural planning has a lot to offer the rural community. Will it be embraced or just be a brief moment in time before restrictive practices are enforced again?


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