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Harvest is upon us and within a few weeks drilling will be in full flow and the stress of the Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) will seem a distant memory!
With the introduction of BPS and ‘Greening Requirements’ it is recommended that ‘Greening’ should be integrated into your forward plans and quickly become part of your routine.

Forward planning can provide opportunities to use the Greening options tactically as these are worth 30% of your payment - why not use them as a positive:

•    Fallow Areas
When planned correctly these can be used to help with Blackgrass management or drilled with wild bird mix to provide shooting or conservation crops.

•    Nitrogen Fixing Crops
Beans and peas can be a useful addition to the rotation as well as providing a greening option, we have also seen clients growing beans for their beef unit with the added benefit of meeting the greening requirement.

•    Catch and Cover Crops
An option that can be utilised after harvest and we have seen used as a partridge cover on shoots and even grazed after the deadlines.

•    Hedgerows
With the rules clearer and the RPA confirming payments won’t be delayed for using hedgerows as greening this is a perfect opportunity to utilise the hedges on farm.

With all these options available it is important to ensure you utilise the greening options to benefit the farm not hinder it.
It is a very busy period on farm but if you wish to discuss the above in more detail please contact Christopher Powell in the Farm & Rural Marlborough Office.  Christopher is happy to make appointments outside of office hours to ensure any issues are addressed and accommodate a hectic period of the farming year.

Christoper Powell
Written by

Christoper Powell

Rural Professional

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