How to be a good landlord during the festive season

Christmas is a time to spend time with family, unwind by the fire, and take advantage of some downtime, but before you do any of that, you’ll need to make sure your properties are in good working order so that both you and your tenants can enjoy the best possible holiday season. Here are our best recommendations for acting responsibly as a landlord over the holiday season.

Get ready for Christmas, both you and your tenants.

Speak with your tenants and find out what their plans are for the holidays as theft and robberies typically rise around this time. Give them advice on how to prevent burglars if they will be gone from the property for an extended period. Some tips include setting timers for their lights, finding a reliable neighbour to collect packages, and making sure all doors and windows are locked.

You should also enjoy the holidays, so if you’re planning a trip or won’t be available over Christmas, let your tenants know. Additionally, let them know how and when they may get in touch with you in case of an emergency. It’s a good idea to decide for someone else to cover for you if you intend to take a brief break.

Finish the winter checks.

Do your winter checkups as soon as you can because the closer Christmas gets, the more difficult it will be to fix any problems. Verify that the heating system is operating properly, that the gutters are free of autumn-coloured leaves and mulch, and that nothing—such as pipes or door locks—has frozen over in the cold. You may kick back and enjoy a mince pie if you’re confident your property can survive the harsh winter months. You’ve significantly decreased the likelihood of any weather-related tragedies.

Talk about the festive décor.

Tenants are no different from most individuals who wish to decorate their home for the holidays and make it pleasant. Give your tenants the go-ahead to decorate the house as long as you are upfront about any restrictions and limitations. To prevent any disagreements, it’s critical that you decide on this up front.

Be mindful of fires.

Homes will be decked out for the holidays with lights, candles, and other shiny, bright objects to brighten the gloomy evenings. Give your renters a fire safety refresher and make sure all doors and handles adhere to legal requirements to lower the danger of fires. Advise tenants to avoid using outdated Christmas lights, to always watch over lights and candles, and to try to avoid using them during the day to avoid overheating.

Make a plan for the upcoming year.

As the year draws to a close, now is the ideal moment to look back on the previous 12 months and begin making plans for the next one. To start the New Year with a new perspective and a better plan, take some time to reflect on all that went well for you this year and how you can do better moving forward.

Send your best wishes for the season.

Finally, but just as importantly, send your tenants a small gift or a festive letter to express your gratitude for their good stewardship of your property.

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