How to prepare your home top host Christmas

Whether this is your first-year hosting Christmas or you’ve lost track, there are always new tips and tricks to pick up that will help the whole thing go much more smoothly. One of the most important things to do is to prepare the house beforehand. Here are some of our best suggestions for doing so.

Reduce the speed of the flow.

The fact that shoes and coats are everywhere, and that traffic is passing through the front door will likely go unnoticed until it is too late. Make plenty space for scarves, gloves, caps, and bags, and decide in advance where guests will place their coats as they enter. Give the cabinet under the stairs a thorough cleaning and make room for wellies and umbrellas.

Have a thorough clean.

Make sure to have a clear-out before the kids receive their new toys, your wardrobe is refreshed, and your bookshelves are stocked with the newest best-sellers. This is the ideal moment to give away stuff and make place in your rooms. Consider selling any more recent products you have lying around if you don’t need them and use the proceeds to buy more Christmas gifts.

Lighting options

Warm, dim lighting is ideal for unwinding indoors. After their Christmas meal, the last thing your visitors will want is harsh lighting, which might give them headaches. Alternatively, you can use the comforting glow of the fireplace, fairy lights, and candles to create a nice atmosphere.

Get rid of the clutter

It’s a good idea to temporarily rearrange some furniture and clear the space of any clutter since you’ll need it for activities like unwrapping presents, playing charades, and gathering around the TV.

Put on seasonal clothing.

To create a focal point, adorn your dining table with lavish placemats and a gorgeous table runner. For an extra warm and customised touch, consider creating name cards for each visitor and choosing the seating arrangement in advance.

Get the guest bathroom ready.

Make sure your guest bathroom is prepared for all of your guests because it will see a lot more use than usual. Start with a thorough cleaning, paying attention to shining surfaces and new, clean scents. After that, you can finish touches like restocking the soap dispenser, hanging a clean guest towel, and restocking the toilet roll.

Establishing a friendly atmosphere

You can bet that if someone is staying with you for Christmas, they already feel extremely comfortable. Make sure the heater is running, the blankets are ready, and the room is filled with the comforting aroma of burning candles to intensify the feeling of warmth. You can’t go wrong as long as you keep the food and beverages flowing and the holiday music playing.

Begin early

Just getting your house ready for winter is a big part of making sure it’s ready for Christmas. Verify that the window and door seals are intact, and that wall fractures are sealed, and think about purchasing draught excluders. Make sure your fireplace is functional and clean and replace any worn-out blankets and cushions on each sofa.

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