Selling a property with tenants – all your questions answered.

10 Nov 2022

It’s crucial to comprehend every step of the process if you’re a landlord considering the possibility of selling a rental property with renters. Let’s look at everything you need know if you’re thinking about selling a house that has tenants already living there.

Can a house be sold with tenants living in it?

A property with its current tenants could be sold to a different landlord or investor. You should inform prospective buyers when marketing your property that the renters will stay in place and will begin paying the new buyer their rent as soon as the sale is finalised. Additionally, you have the option of ending the lease and selling the house as-is. The terms of your leasing agreement, among other things, will determine how much notice you must give. Many landlords who want to sell the property to a new homeowner rather than another landlord adopt this path.

A house being sold with “tenants in situ”

When you sell a property with “tenants in situ,” it signifies that a tenant is already residing there. The renter may be able to stay in the home under the same conditions even if a new landlord oversees the property, depending on the provisions of the tenancy agreement. The most typical type of tenancy is an assured shorthold tenancy, which stipulates that after a certain initial “fixed time,” you can reclaim ownership of your home by giving the renters two months’ notice.

What benefits may there be from selling with renters already there?

If you are selling the home to other landlords, having renters in place can be a great selling factor because the property gives a guaranteed rental income right away and they can save the effort of finding new tenants. Additionally, the home won’t be vacant throughout the conveyancing procedure, protecting your rental return from a protracted void period.

What drawbacks are there to selling while renters are still living there?

When selling a property with renters already living there, you must advertise it as a “buy-to-let” listing. Due to a smaller number of possible purchasers, the property may sell for less because of a lack of interest. Without the tenant’s permission, the new landlord cannot change the conditions of the tenancy agreement, which may cause delays or even the buyer’s withdrawal.

Tenant eviction and unoccupied possession sales

The ideal strategy to sell your house to a buyer searching for a place to call home is to be able to gain vacant possession since you will be able to prepare your property and maintain control over its appearance throughout the entire marketing period. This could mean the difference between selling your property quickly or having it sit on the market longer than you had anticipated. You won’t have to worry about your tenants leaving the property filthy or cluttered with personal items.

Preparations for a sale

You may get ready for your sale and speed up the process by being watchful and ready to put in some early work. Additionally, it is crucial that you get along well with your tenants to prevent conflicts in the future. You must make sure you have a valid, signed tenancy agreement that would hold up in court, if necessary, to prepare for your sale. This is in the event that your renters refuse to vacate the home, in which case you will need to confirm that all required paperwork were duly served at the beginning of the rental. An electrical safety certificate, a current gas safety certificate, and

Additionally, you will need to provide proof that any deposits were made as part of a plan that was approved by the government. Finally, you will need evidence that your tenants acknowledged receiving all the paperwork by signing it.

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