Will proposed changes in the Rental Reform Bill affect you?

18 May 2023

What is the Renters Reform Bill ?

The long-awaited Renters Reform Bill has now been presented to Parliament so starts its journey through various readings in the 2 Houses of Parliament before it receives Royal Assent and becomes law. So, we are at the start of the journey, but I suspect it will progress at a fairly good pace.

We also really need ‘the detail’ to understand what processes are going to change and the impact this will have on both Landlords and Tenants. These will all come out in the fullness of time but let’s take a look at the facts to date.

This bill is all part of the Governments strategy to provide tenants with safer, fairer and higher quality homes but also to make it easier for Landlords to gain possession of their homes where there is any anti-social behaviour or where the tenant fails to pay the rent.

There will be new grounds to end a tenancy where the landlord needs to sell or where the property is required for themselves or their families.

There is also to be a reformed Court process which will be digitised and therefore make the process quicker for all parties concerned.

Government will also look to apply decent home standards to the private rental sector for the first time (currently they only apply to social housing)

Summary of the proposed bill

So to summarise, these are the headlines:

  • Section 21 notices to end a tenancy will be abolished.
  • All Landlords (whether they use an agent or not) will be required to join a new Ombudsman scheme which will help resolve any disputes between Landlord and Tenant
  • A new digital platform will be created to help Landlords understand their legal obligations and to help tenants make an informed decision when entering into a tenancy agreement.
  • All tenants will have a legal right to request a pet, which the landlord should not unreasonably refuse. The landlord has the right to request pet insurance to cover any damages caused by the pet.
  • It will be illegal for Landlords or agents to have a blanket ban on tenants in receipt of housing benefit.
  • It will be illegal for Landlords or agents to have a blanket ban on tenants with Children.

At this stage this is the only information which has been released by Government.  Our team of highly qualified and respected property managers will be on hand to guide you through any changes which may affect you.

“The Lettings Team at Woolley & Wallis are navigating through all the information and we will continue to update all our tenants and landlords of any changes.  Our door is always open, so if you have any questions or are looking for advice, feel free to pop in or give us a call”

Rebecca King, Head of Lettings

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